Vaccine information

Is there evidence of millions of deaths and serious adverse events resulting from the experimental COVID-19 injections? Read the latest findings from David John Sorensen & Dr Vladimir Zelenkomd.

The Vaccine Death Report

A Telegram group sharing stories of injuries from the injection. These injuries, effects and deaths are not being reported in the media, which is why this group, and other similar ones, have been set up.

Covid vaccine injuries group telegram

Here is a document of evidence for both prophylactic and early treatment remedies that are available but under reported by both Government and MSM (mainstream media).

CV Theraputics

What to do if you’ve had the injection

This is a must-read document for anyone who’s had the jab and is wishing to detox their body from the ingredients in the injections, especially how to migate the effects of graphene oxide nanoparticles and synthetic mRNA.

Jab Protection and Detoxification Strategies

Suramin, found in pine needles, is currently being reserarched around the world for its properties as a natural antidote to the gene therapy injections being rolled out across the world.

Suramin – a medicine extract of pine needles tea

An article discussing practical ways to “detox” and “neutralize” damage that is being done by these untested mRNA vaccines.

How to neutralize potential damage from mRNA vaccines

An enlightening conversation with Daniele De Winters about keeping ourselves healthy and well at this time, including the detoxing process, from the injection and for the winter ahead.

How to reverse the effects of the jab

Ayurvedic remedies can help with specific effects of the jabs, such as muscle weakness/tremors & other neurological conditions, problems with circulation and clotting, palpitations and immune support. By supporting good digestion, Ayurvedic remedies increase our resilience, energy levels and wellbeing.

The psychological aspect of taking the jab – an Ayurvedic Perspective.

Communication with others

Nutshells is helping us have informed and effective conversations. It takes a covid-related statement or question and explains it with a concise series of facts and references, not giving a complete picture, but enough to cause the recipient question their current beliefs and to inquire further.

Categories of Nutshells: Lockdowns, Masks, Testing, Vaccines and more

By following this principle of changing your approach in order to effect change in others, you give yourself the greatest chance of reaching people and changing the current trajectory to a positive outcome for the world from these events.

Do’s and Don’t’s in Conversation

Thriving over surviving

Harvesting questions about rainwater collection systems, from treatment to filtration, the legality of rainwater harvesting, system cost, capacity, how long can we go between rains, what other forms of harvesting do we use, plans for the future, and more.

How to harvest rainwater

Endless hot water without electricity

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