Author: <span>Sam Hobbit</span>

Author: Sam Hobbit



New Year Social Event Maidstone

At 9 Market Buildings ME14 1HP on Thursday 1st February 2024 start 7pm

Guest speaker is David Kurten


Meet Up Every Wednesday from 3pm

A coffee with like minded people, pick up stickers, leaflets, Light newspapers etc. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! At Cafe Thirty Nine coffee bar, Oxford Street, Whitstable. Everybody is Welcome.

Dogs Allowed. 🙂



Until 1st March 2023

A very important consultation is occurring to implement a one check ID service through government bodies. Whether you are for or against digital IDs, please answer the questionaire, however, please be aware that the questions are biased towards supporting digital IDs.

The government already has the demographics required to provide much needed services– which they are not implementing. So why do they need your data AGAIN?

This could potentially lead to your data being sold on to private companies, or you being disadvantaged in future schemes, such as private health insurance.

Below is the consultation:

Please watch this video for more about the consultation and how to potentially answer the questions: