We know some of you reading this, working in the public realm such as medical, military, law enforcement, education, intelligence and the media are under gagging orders. We know you’re questioning the COVID-19 main stream narrative and suffering in silence over this so called pandemic.

You’re in safe hands

We are a team of dedicated and professional women and men who care deeply and profoundly about people speaking truth.

We’ll protect your identity

 Your identity is safe with us and we promise not to compromise who you are with NDA’s. You are very important to us.

Take your time

There is no pressure from us and you can take as long as you want and need before you tell your story.

You’ll be supported

We have access to experts who will help advise you and support you with information concerning your rights and steer you in the correct direction. 

You’re not alone

We are in this together and you are not alone in this. We will do our best to support and advise you from start to finish. Just an email or call away.

Speak in strict confidence

Rest assured you’ll be speaking to us in the strictest of confidence. We have your best interest at heart. We are on the side of truth and freedom.

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