Hold The Line September 11th

Hold The Line September 11th



Meet like-minded freedom loving souls, in the local regions where you are based. We believe that building local community is now more important than ever, and this movement will give everyone who attends the opportunity to expand their local support network.

HOLD THE LINE is gathering momentum, so stand strong on the right side of history  

Our plan is to line up alongside major A-Roads, on the pavements, across the country. To enable an accurate and measurable yard stick, in which to show just how many people attend this event. The mainstream media will not be able to lie about the numbers that attend, the street lengths will give us exact numbers.

The joining of hands will show a unity of us, the people, to display collectively that we are no longer willing to accept the abhorrent rules that have been imposed on our everyday lives. It will give an opportunity to demonstrate around the country, and to make those unaware of the past massive protests, and that there is a growing number of ordinary people, whom are no longer willing to accept any more of this disgraceful tyranny.

We are looking for local coordinators to assist us with the planning at the starting points on the day, so please reach out to The Awareness Foundation if you would like to help with this project.

More daily info can be found on our official telegram channel below, and in the local breakout channels that have been developing.



  1. Love the idea and was sorry to have missed the deadline, I did try to join in by adding my email address to the
    holdtheline website. If you are joing in with The Holdtheline suggestion for the London Marathon which i think is a superb idea
    if its allowed. last year there were only cardboard cutouts instead of crowds, hopefully this year real people will hold the line
    on camera Yippee!!
    Love the website by the way!

    1. Sam Hobbit

      Hi Lily, lovely to hear from you here. Yes the London Marathon holding the line sounds a fantastic idea. Thanks regarding your comment about the website. Are you interested in promoting your business in our business director? It’s free for 6 months then £20 a year thereafter.
      Best wishes Sam

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