Until 1st March 2023

A very important consultation is occurring to implement a one check ID service through government bodies. Whether you are for or against digital IDs, please answer the questionaire, however, please be aware that the questions are biased towards supporting digital IDs.

The government already has the demographics required to provide much needed services– which they are not implementing. So why do they need your data AGAIN?

This could potentially lead to your data being sold on to private companies, or you being disadvantaged in future schemes, such as private health insurance.

Below is the consultation:

Please watch this video for more about the consultation and how to potentially answer the questions:


  1. Sam Hobbit

    I’m going to use this as why would I engage with a corporation when I am a living man…. Thinking about it ..would it need to be in the form of a ‘Notice’ from a wo/man?

    URGENT: PUBLIC Consultation on draft legislation to OPPOSE identity verification

    The government has planned a consultation on draft legislation to support identity verification.

    They are trying to slip the plans to create our digital ID through, which they can then tie to social credit system and CBDC’s.

    DEADLINE 1st MARCH 2023

    You can email your opinions:
    Template thus

    name :surname
    c/o address
    Without the UK
    Close to [postcode]

    To the man / woman / artificial intelligence at


    25th day of January, AD 2023

    I the living man/ woman name :surname notice you and let it be known on record that;

    I do not consent to Digital ID

    I do not consent to Central Bank Digital Currency

    I do not consent to Digital Passports therein embedded vaccine passports, track and trace, mandatory vaccination, coercion, torture, genocide and terrorism.

    I do not consent to filling in this heavily biased online survey form that does not allow me to express my full opinions/objections to this draconian, tyrannical and evil slave tagging system. I am no slave, I am a living man/woman

    All of the above are designed to remove my God given freedoms and inalienable rights that no man shall take away.

    I require acknowledgement that my notice to you on this matter be placed on record and included in your survey.

    By: ___________________________
    name :surname


    “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.”
    United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948).

    “An equal has no dominion over an equal.”
    (Par in parem imperium non habet. – Black’s Law Dictionary 7th Edition page 1673)

    GOV.UK (
    Consultation on draft legislation to support identity verification

  2. Sam Hobbit

    [Forwarded from Kieran]
    As Rich Vobes said: “EMAIL SHOULD BE THE WAY WE RESPOND. We are being hoodwinked into answering the questionnaire and we should not, we should just send an email with a simple, NO to the whole idea. Please send your response by 1 March 2023 to The Data Sharing Legislation Team at”
    The fight against ID cards is about more than just databases – it’s about protecting the presumption of innocence and liberty.

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