Hello. I am looking to share my allotment with like-minded people. It is located in Canterbury on Sturry Road next to TK Maxx and the Park and Ride. I am interested in growing food and also permaculture practices. I am looking for regular input and long term commitment, perhaps meeting 1 day per week for half a day or so. The allotment needs a lot of work initially as it’s become overgrown over the summer. Many thanks, Bobbie

The rent is due for renewal 1st October, and I will be unable to keep it on alone. I really feel this is something to be done with other people, to motivate each other and share in what we grow too. So, if anyone is interested, please get back to me as soon as possible! Also, autumn is a good time to start digging and preparing for next year. Did I also say that it needs a fair bit of work initially, as it has gotten quite overgrown this year? It won’t be for the faint hearted! But, it should be fun and satisfying Best wishes, Bobbie.



  1. Lily Knowles

    Hi Robbie
    I am interested in being involved but would need to look at the allotment first before committing. I dont know very much about vegetable growing but am really keen to learn, I have been growing in my own garden this year for the first time ever and enjoyed it although I only grew 2 crops, tomatoes and potatoes successfully. I look forward to hearing from you with more information.
    Lily Knowles

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