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CT5 Peoples Forum
Date of next meeting: Wednesday 22 November 2023

AGENDA From 13th September
CT5 People’s Forum
13th September 2023, 7:30pm - 9:30pm| Chaired by Tony Ullman
St Mary’s Hall (Umbrella Centre), Oxford Street, Whitstable, CT5 1DD

1. Chair’s welcome and opening remarks
Proposed new Trustee and Treasurer Michael Bax
2. Reports and feedback from Trustees

3. Canterbury City Council: new priorities and relationship with the Forum
Speaker: Council leader Alan Baldock

Questions to and issues from local Councillors
4. CT5 and policing issues
Speaker: Inspector Paul Stoner
5. Traffic and Active Travel
Speaker: Traffic and active travel group
6. Working Groups updates and report backs
Eco – Wild About Whitstable week
Town Council – Petition update and progress
7. Local community activities, campaigns and events
Reports from the floor
8. Any other business


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