Leila Loves Life Young Living Essential Oils

Leila Loves Life Young Living Essential Oils

Leila Loves Life Young Living Essential Oils
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When you join our team, you get a global online support system as you take your journey towards glowing health and wellness. You will be added to our private Facebook groups where you’ll get access to monthly classes, education, business boot camps for those interested in learning the business and much more.

You do not EVER have to sell oils. If you just want to use them for you and your family that is absolutely fine!

Whatever your choice, there is something for everyone and we would love for you to join ♥

It can feel daunting starting out and that’s why the community is here to walk alongside you as you discover and experience all that these plant juices have to offer.



Essential Oils - What are they?

Considered the spirit of the plant kingdom, they have been used for over 5,000 years by many different cultures and so they are sacred and very special. They are holistic and help support the body, mind and soul’s natural healing and repair. Mother Earth has provided these natural and potent plants that we distill into liquid form to offer us gentle and simple support. We are basically using the heart and soul of these green plants to help us through this journey called life.

Essential Oils are extracted from the trees, roots, shrubs, flowers, stems, fruits and rinds of plants and therefore they are the most powerful part of the plant. This is done mostly through either distillation or expression (cold-pressing).

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