Ayurvedic full body massage

Ayurvedic full body massage

Ayurvedic full body massage
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Have you tried a warm oil full body Ayurvedic

The Ayurvedic practice of abhyanga, or oil massage, has physical benefits like released muscle tension, lymphatic drainage, and more nourished skin from head to toe. It stands out from other massages due to its focus on the skin, rather than just the underlying muscles—from the oils used to the circulation-stimulating movements, it’s more like a facial massage for your whole body.
In India, the practice is tied deeply to the notion of self-care. 'Sneha' is the root word for this type of massage in Sanskrit, which also translates to mean 'love'
This warm oil treatment is guaranteed to deeply relax every cell of your body 🌸

First time offer only £30 per hour, regular price £40.
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